Pressure Cleaning

Awash uses the unique technology of high pressure water cleaning to get rid of all kinds of stains, residue and dirt on any kind of surface. We come the environment friendly, biodegradable chemicals for getting rid of adhesives, cleaning oil spills, mould, graffiti removal and all kinds of soul and nasty blemishes.

Our extraordinary and innovative machines are built to boil the water to get exceptional results with least use of chemicals.

Our specially developed machinery for cleaning is highly environment friendly and safe. Highly versatile and customisable, our exclusive machines can be use for public places, residential areas, building having special importance of heritage and other places exposed to spills. Apart from the tough stains and dirt, our methods of cleaning are also appropriate to get rid of fungus and bacterial growth which may take place in driveway, patio paving or other commercial areas.

Awash Pressure Cleaning has special abilities in the following:

  • Cleaning of pavements
  • Washing of commercial buildings
  • Cleaning of porch or patio
  • Cleaning of concrete areas
  • Floor of factories
  • Walkway and Driveway Washing
  • Cleaning of brick and mortar
  • Cleansing and washing of roofs

High Pressure Cleaning Technology in Melbourne

Our cleaning and washing techniques are completely safe for the environment and is competent to handle all kinds of situations. Our other services include –

  • Graffiti cleaning
  • Elimination of hardened latex
  • Washing of dirt, stains, mud and soot
  • Cleaning od oil stains

High Pressure Water Cleaning   High Pressure Water Cleaning

What is Water Pressure Cleaning?

Our high pressure water cleaning technique is also known as water blasting, water jetting or washing under water pressure. It is apt for all situations such as domestic, commercial and outdoor areas for public. It uses the force of water, which may be hot in some cases, to cleaning the stubborn stains using eco-friendly stains.

Benefits of Awash Cleaning :

  • Quick and easy method to clean fungus, moss, mould, dirt, oil spills along with graffiti removal.
  • Our cleaning methodology requires least use of chemicals.
  • Chemicals when required to be used are always eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Our hi-tech equipments generate very low noise which is well within the prescribed noise levels.
  • Water used by machines to clean is sourced from the rainwater harvesting tanks.
  • Emission of greenhouse gas is also well within limits.
  • Cleaning methods are used according to the need of the situation depending on various factors such as nature of stains, type of surface etc. Integrity of surface is our priority.
  • Transparent working and accountability reports before and after the cleaning with photographs provided as proof to the clients.

Our clients are more than delighted with our work. We aspire to build long lasting relations with our clients providing optimum customer satisfaction. Get the best value for your money by hiring our eco-friendly services to your doorstep. We are just a phone call away.

Call us at 0421-349-924 to get more detailed information about our services and book to get the ultimate cleaning services in Melbourne. We are ready to take up challenges of any kind of stains and graffiti and help you to live in a clean and hygienic environment.