Forecourt Pressure Cleaning

Forecourt Pressure Cleaning / Petrol Station Cleaning

Awash Pressure Cleaning provide one off or regular ongoing preventative maintenance for all Commercial and Petrol Station and Forecourt pressure cleaning services in Melbourne for Shop Front area cleaning or Petrol 

Pump area

Eco-Friendly Power Washing and Soft Washing services

We are experienced in ForecourtPressure cleaning services for Commercial & Industrial throughout Melbourne.

We have over 20 years of experience in regular pressure and chemical cleaning for  Gas Stations/Petrol Station Retail Shop Front, Shopping Centre, Hotel Building, Crown Casino Outdoor, Restaurant Outdoor Area and Fast-food places like Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, Nursing Home, Universities outdoor cleaning

We specialise in Concrete Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, Stain Removal, Oil & Grease Removal, Building Entrance Cleaning, and all facets of professional exterior cleaning services.

High traffic areas like petrol station forecourts &fast-fooddrive through lanes need constant upkeep to maintain

  • Hygiene standards
  • Visual presentation to showcase your business in a positive light
  • Health & safety requirements (SLIP PREVENTION)

Our main steps of outdoor cleaning involve:

  • A high strength degreaser is foamed on with a venturi applicator.
  • After leaving sufficient time to allow the relevant chemical to work to it`s optimum,
  • its then time touse our Whirlaway circular attachment, to agitate the surface,
  • Removing the build-up of inground grease & dirt with boiling hot water
  • Generated from our industrial scale, truck mounted machinery
  • Follow up with TURBO attachment to focus on stubborn & heavily soiled areas.
  • All debris & runoff is then tidied up & disposed of according to relevant EPA guidelines.

Chewing gum is becoming an increasing eye sore at these sights, and when left for long periods,not only become unsightly, they become a magnet for further debris to attach & build upon.

An application of our ecofriendly chewing gum remover can dissolve chewing gum, followed by hot pressure clean with fan jet attachment to finalise any remnants.

All work is carried out with strict health & safety requirements,also ensuring the public & foot traffic are securely separated from the work being carried out, A mixture of

  • Safety cones
  • Safety tape
  • Second man to advise public

Are used to resolve this issue.

Many of our jobs are undertaken out of hours (ie overnight) This allows us to attend jobs when the least amount of foot traffic is around.

Here is Our team at work