About Us

Awash high-pressure cleaning is a pioneer in graffiti removal and paint stripping services. Our exclusively developed cleaning techniques use force of water with pressure to clean the stains and dirt. Our superior machinery has ability to generate hot water for cleaning leading to minimal use of chemicals. We have immense contribution to our credit in cleaning and maintaining the city clean, hygienic and lively.

Our versatile high-pressure cleaning methods are useful in all types of cleaning whether domestic or commercial areas. Our diverse range of services have delivered successful and note-worthy results.

The main highlights of our service are:

  • Use of Hit-tech machinery
  • Special hot water cleaning and washing
  • Excellent results
  • Wide scope of working, whether small or big
  • Completely environmentally friendly
  • Usage of minimal chemicals which are biodegradable
  • Complying all the norms of noise, etc.
  • Elevated platform for working
  • 20 million public liability

Our vision

Started as a pressure cleaning service provider, our expertise and dedication has taken us to higher levels. Our stringent and consistent improvement program has enabled us to perform outstandingly.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top most priority
  • Environment friendly approach
  • Implementing international standard quality control programs

Innovative and Custom-Built Equipment for Pressure Cleaning

Our custom-built high-pressure cleaning equipment reduces the environmental impact in an effective manner. With the persistent research and development in the pressure cleaning services, we have achieved technological breakthroughs and designing high-pressure water cleaners as well as protective coating to prevent future graffiti attacks.

Highly innovative machinery and equipments

Our machinery has been developed and built according to our working techniques. Our innovative machinery is custom made to use the high-pressure water cleaning technique with option of hot water generation. Because of our exclusive technique, use of chemicals is reduced and when used, the chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Also, our years of research has yielded a protective coating to prevent future graffiti attacks.

Exhaustive Approach

With the hit-tech specially developed equipment we have attempted to bring in standardisation in delivering services through an implementation code. This code ensures safety and security of client, staff and public at large with special care for the environment.

Our code of working is followed at every site and includes:

  • Thorough examination of site
  • Finding the provisions accessible
  • Calibration of level of noise of equipments used
  • Disposal of waste
  • Reporting

Feel free to call at 0421-249924 for more information or further queries.