Graffiti Removal

To preserve the integrity and appearance of surfaces, it is essential to go ahead with the graffiti removal services. This not only ensures that marks are removed effectively, but also reduces the likelihood of getting these attacks repeated.

Our modern high-pressure cleaning machines generate boiling hot water to obtain better results and results in minimal use of chemicals.

Awash Pressure Cleaning has modern hi-tech high pressure cleaning and chemical based graffiti removal equipment. It allows us to produce most effective results along with thorough services. With our intensive research and knowledge, we have come up with special protective coating that eliminate the need of specialist cleaning in case of future attacks.

Save Any Surface

Awash cleaning experts remove unwanted tagging and graffiti/paint from variety of surfaces, which include –

  • Alloys
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Natural Stones
  • Painted and Unpainted Walls
  • Wood

Awash takes specialized approach for graffiti removal. We emphasize on understanding the nature of substrates in addition with the various other factors, which can affect the outcome of chemical graffiti removal. This approach makes sure that marks are removed completely without any traces of shadowing.

Prevention is Best Cure

It gives great comfort to know that surfaces can be restored in original condition. With Awash, it is even easier to handle the despoilment with the range of protective coatings. With our specialized coatings, surfaces become completely resilient to attacks. With this coating, surfaces can also maintain their texture and shine for years.

Graffiti Removal in Melbourne

No matter, if you are looking forward to perform the cleaning yourself or looking for professional high pressure cleaning service providers, Awash can offer you unmatched assistance. We at Awash offer:

  • Professional cleaning services with the use of eco-friendly and environmentally safe products.
  • Graffiti removal kits with biodegradable and non-hazardous chemicals.
  • Modern-tech, environment friendly anti-graffiti coating to eradicate problem completely.

Awash has performed high-pressure cleaning and graffiti removal for several impressive locations around Melbourne, helping in preserving the city’s art and infrastructure.

For more information on our professional services, graffiti removal kits or protective coatings, contact us today or call on 0421-349-924