About Us

Awash has been a leader in the high-pressure cleaning and graffiti removal services that use water and minimal amount of biodegradable chemicals. Locally owned and operated, our services have helped in maintaining the status of Melbourne as most liveable city.

With our customized high-pressure water cleaners, we provide diverse range of services in the commercial cleaning area. We believe in consistently delivering outstanding results.

Key Features of Pressure Cleaning Services

  • Ability to clean with hot water
  • Better result.
  • No job too big or small.
  • Fully Compliant
  • Work cover
  • 20 million public liability
  • Elevated working platform

Vision for Future of High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

We began as pressure cleaning service provider and soon our services grew in other areas too.
We achieve outstanding results through –
Rigorous and Continuous improvement program

  • Customer-driven approach
  • Dedication towards environmentally friendly work practises
  • Enactment of international-standard quality control programs

Innovative and Custom-Built Equipment for Pressure Cleaning

Our custom-built high-pressure cleaning equipment reduces the environmental impact in an effective manner. With the persistent research and development in the pressure cleaning services, we have achieved technological breakthroughs and designing high-pressure water cleaners as well as protective coating to prevent future graffiti attacks.

Comprehensive Approach

Although we use customized equipment for every pressure-cleaning job we perform, we follow key steps that ensure the implementation of our high quality standards. These steps ensure public, client and staff safety along with minimization of the environmental risks.

At every site we follow –

  • Initial assessment of the site
  • Determination of access provisions
  • Calibration of the noise level of equipment
  • Implementation of Safety Plan
  • Removal of waste
  • Reporting

For more information about any of our services, contact us today on 0421-349-924